We love our community. 5518 Designs would not be here today without their love and support. For that reason, we want to involve our community in every way possible. Here are a few of the ways we want to give back and collaborate with you. Contact us to find out how to get involved, lets do something good together!

Round-up at the Register

5518 Designs’ Round-Up at the Register program is an easy way for shoppers to donate to local individuals in need and organizations that are making our community a better place.All donations through this program go directly to the individual or organization. Every cent counts.

How to Help

  1. Round-up your in-store purchase at 5518 Designs.
  2. Drop off your spare change.
  3. Direct donation in store
  4. Donate through our online store… click here.

Current Cause

Kyler Carpenter Medical Benefit

On March 11, our wonderful 5518 team member, Chloe, received news that her younger brother was diagnosed with cancer. Kyler, 13, discovered a mass in his left shoulder that turned out to be osteosarcoma bone cancer. His treatment will take place at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Help us raise some funds to ease the burden of travel and medical bills for Kyler and the Carpenter family.

Artist Feature

Here at 5518 Designs, local art is our jam. We’re working with local artists to make custom merchandise that represents both us and the talented creatives of the area. Proceeds from their merchandise go to the artist.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us and being the next 5518 Featured Artist, shoot us a message. Long live the little guys!

Whitney Pomroy



Butte, MT

Josie Trudgeon


Zahra Bella


Ashley Styles


Montana Tech Foundation

A portion of your purchase of custom-designed 5518 Designs Montana Tech Apparel is donated to the Butte Endowed Scholarship.

This will provide more opportunities for Butte students to pursue their education by funding three full-ride scholarships for graduates of high schools in Butte to seek any four-year degree at Montana Tech.


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