what we are

5518 Designs is a home-grown retail store and creative agency specializing in custom graphic design and client branding packages.

At our “brick ‘n’ mortar” retail shop, we offer outdoor and recreation inspired, original-art graphics printed on apparel, accessories, and paper products.

In addition to our in-house branded lines, 5518 Designs offers industry-leading outdoor recreation brands, including Dakine, Chaco, and Mizu, as well as the specialty lines of Montana Home Sprout soaps, Keira Shines Jewelry, Emily McDowell stationery, and our very own line of apparel and accessories which you can browse in our online shop.

Our retail store is located at 27 N. Main Street in Butte, Montana, in the historic Chequamequon Building in the charming uptown Butte business neighborhood.

Who we are

Jon Wick
Owner/Lead Designer

B.S. Elementary Education (UNI), M.S. Technical Communication (Montana Tech)

Owner, founder, leader, design master, traveler, husky-herder. Created 5518 Designs in 2012. He may not be Keanu Reeves, but he’s the next best thing.

Emmy Keenan
Graphic, Web, & Print Designer

B.S. Professional and Technical Communication – Interactive Media (Montana Tech)

Really hopes you like the website.

Hattie Thatcher
Special Events

B.S. Business and Information Technology – Marketing (Montana Tech)

Ambassador of Fun. Business graduate. Basketball star. Increases our coolness factor by at least tenfold.

Cassie Wick
Owner/Business Affairs

B.S. Health and Human Development (MSU)

Owner, adventurer, trailblazer, advocate for change, lover of people. Cassie reaches all over this big, beautiful world to handpick homegrown products for the shop.

Marietta Sorini
Retail Assistant

Description coming soon.

Margo Wick
The Husky PUp

Failed out of Dog Training School

Shop dog. Best girl. Mascot.