Owners of 5518 Designs honored with Montana Ambassadors’ Entrepreneur of the Year award – KXLF

A big honor for the owners of 5518 Designs: Jon and Cassie Wick recently received the Montana Ambassadors’ Entrepreneur of the Year award.

“We’re so honored to be even considered for something like the entrepreneur of the year throughout this whole state and we just feel so fortunate,” said Jon Wick

The award was presented by the Montana Ambassadors, a statewide network of business leaders and community leaders that work to bring businesses to the state and support local businesses throughout Montana.

Joe Willauer, executive director of the Butte Local Development Corporation (BLDC), says the award recognizes the entrepreneur that takes risks, is not afraid of a challenge, and helps the community.

“Jon and Cassie really—I mean, they’re the model for how you could do that. What they’ve done with their business has been so impactful for our community, so impactful for our state,” said Willauer.

The Butte chapter of Montana Ambassadors nominated 5518 Designs because of the work they’ve done in Uptown Butte.

Cassandra Sunell, BLDC marketing director, says that 5518 Designs has been innovative and inspiring.

“They have tackled this pandemic by giving back to the community through the fundraising for the M&M—they’ve been inspiring not only just to other small business owners that are looking to make it through this tough time but also to just individuals like myself and the Montana Ambassadors,” said Sunell.

Jon Wick was excited and surprised that 5518 Designs received an award.

“We’re really looking forward to continuing our work just for the betterment of the community. Increasing vibrancy, increasing the quality of life, and doing what we can to help improve Butte and Southwest Montana.” said Wick.