Enamel Mugs


Hot off the kiln, my friends. This is the last camping mug you’ll ever need. F’real. Made of a thick, sturdy steel, then hand-coated in enamel… made to last for eons in the backcountry. The handle has an extra blast of enamel for added durability and our sweet little 5518 pine tree baked into the side to up your style.

Our latest iteration tugs at the heartstrings and long bears of our lumberjack bretheron… and flip these fellas over to challenge your camp-mates to a tic-tac-toe duel. Our money’s on you.

For your steaming cup of coffee on a brisk mountain morning, hot cocoa around the campfire, or Dirty Girl anytime you feel. It also doubles as a weight to hold down a corner of the map as you chart your next course. In the end, though, just strap it to your pack, tuck in your beard, and go forge new paths.

Hand-made by skilled craftsmen in the country of Poland – where precision enamelware has been proven bad ass for over 100 years.

Steel mug, hand-coated in enamel,  16.9 oz. of awesomeness, double coated rim and handle to help you navigate those late nights.

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