Montana Tech V-Hill Caps (2 options)


Driving west over the Continental Divide into Butte is one of the most gorgeous sights you can imagine. The Milky Way above matched by the shimmering lights of the Mining City below. Floating between the two magical places is our Big Butte with its omnipresent ‘M’ lit up on the hillside like a beacon of strength to the masses. This particular night, however, the ‘M’ momentarily flashes to a ‘V’.  That ‘V’ means only one thing…

… a Montana Tech Victory.

These hats celebrate all that our ‘V’-Hill represents. The hard-fought game won, the prideful student-body, and the community it shines upon. Go Diggers!

2 hat options: Flexfit with mesh rear, universal size and Snapback with mesh rear.



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